Happy 28th birthday to Gwyn. I got Gwyn a cafetiere a few weeks ago, which he is more than happy with. We are now officially classy campers :-).

We woke up to breakfast on the beach, then went to explore the island. You could walk it within an hour if you stayed on the path, but we veered off course onto the secluded beaches. We both agreed it was definitely the best island we had been to so far on the trip (including Cayes, Belize; Livingston, Guatemala; Bay Islands, Honduras). There's no car, motorcycles, tuk-tuks or golf carts for one. It's beaches are clean and the sand felt like cream, it was that soft. There's also no mosquitos (well, we aren't being bitten anyway).

Our boat departed at 1:15pm to take us back to Big Corn for the flight. It was a bigger boat than the panga coming here, with four tiers. Given we were late getting on, we were left with having to sit on the lower ground area. Unusual for me, I pucked up all over the floor, right near everyone's luggage. It was pretty grim. 

The boat coincided with the flight and we arrived a few hours before, to the joy of a horror film in the one room seating area. The children didn't seem to mind people being sliced and diced on screen!  

The flight took just 1 hour 15 minutes, after which we picked up Dougal from the parking lot across from the airport (they under-charged us...winner), then we headed to Matagalpa.