Christmas isn't a complete write-off here; there's still touristy places open, with some tour companies still offer excursions. Street vendors are still trying to cash-in on influx of people coming to Granada during the festive period and horse-drawn carriage owners are escorting people around the city. It doesn't feel any different to a normal day.

We headed to the chocolate spa (conjoined with the chocolate museum) at 9am. The treatments had some form of chocolate involved in them. Gwyn had a vey intimate, naked hour long massage. There was cupping involved by a 60 year old woman! Merry Christmas to him.

I had facial, pedicure, waxing...basically everything I needed to transform myself back into a girl. Not smelled this good since September.

We spent all day swimming in the pool, sun bathing and Skyping the relatives. Felt good to relax and not run around ticking off a list of things to see/do. We spent the evening sipping overpriced (but delicious) drinks in the Grand Hotel, listening to classical music and fireworks outside.