Within 5 minutes of being awake, Gwyn had worked his magic once again and we were on the road to San Jorge port to go to Isla de Ometepe. As we got the later ferry at 9am, we felt rushed that we wouldn't fit everything in, in one day, so we booked onto a tour near the port. We managed to haggle him down and get $10usd off, but still paying a pricey $80usd tour of the island.

It was absolutely not worth it either. The 'tour' was essentially a taxi dropping us off at different attractions. We could've easily have done it ourselves and rented a motorbike for $50usd. C'est le vie. We later found out, that we weren't the only ones regretting booking one of these 'tours'.

During the day we visited the Charco Verde, which was a nice little stop for an hour. The best bit was the mirador, overlooking the lagoon, volcano and sea. We then went to the petroglyphs at El Porvenir. They were pretty crap to say the least and we couldn't believe they were an island highlight. For lunch we visited Santo Domingo, which was reported as having grey sands that many visitors were disappointed in. However, where we were was actually really pretty, with white sands and so quiet. We have no idea were it was as the driver just took us to a local comedor (probably would've have got a cut from that too). 

The last stop was a swimming hole in the Conception Volcano part of the island. It's essentially an outdoor pool, packed with tourists. The setting was nice, but that's as far as it stretches. We kicked off that we had to pay for admission to the pools, given it was promised to us in the price of the tour. 10 minutes later, the driver paid. We later heard this was a common tactic, so the drivers pocket the additional money. As if they hadn't taken enough already. 

At 4pm, we got the ferry back, and watched sunrise over the volcanos. It was the the best part of the day. The clouds had lifted, leaving just little halos circling the top of their cones. 

The ferries in both directions was literally a few dollars, so the island is worth the visit if cost is an issue. Some hiking enthusiasts opt to climb either one of the volcanos, but as views from the summit are often limited, and to be honest, we felt we had our volcano climbing quoted made already, we didn't do it. You could spend a few days in Ometepe, discovering the nooks of the island. The roads are better than expected, so the best way would be to rent a vehicle, or rely on the irregular, but cheap bus services. 

When we arrived back, we picked Dougal up from the secure port parking (a couple of $usd for the day) and headed to Penas Blancas to cross the border into Costa Rica.