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The People

It has to be said, that we have met some genuinely lovely people on this trip, but equally the most corrupt people we have ever come across (which is saying something, given we've visited Russia!). We have been helped by many people, who ask for nothing in return and we have many strangers to thank for this.

Mexico was our least favourite nation in relation to the people we met, as it was a constant battle of being ripped off and people expecting money from us. We didn't trust anyone. I know we shouldn't generalise, but 90% of people were like this, and anyone we met that had spent a long time in Mexico (at least a month) all said the same thing, even Mexicans themselves. However, we found Mexicans had the best sense of humour and were massively helpful when it came to mechanics. Rarely did we wait more than 5 minutes before someone came to offer us advice/help.

Belize had the most laid back people and there was a complete mix of races and cultures. No longer was it just the Latin flavour; there were people from Caribbean (Garifuna culture), Messinites and Chinese/Indian immigrants. People were very vocal about their government, politics and issues the country has/had. We noticed a distinct change in the people and scenery as soon as we crossed the border from Mexico and to us, it was a welcome relief. We felt at home here. That's probably due to the English-speaking residents, European products and better conditions of the roads though.

Once we hit Guatemala, things changed again. The north of Guatemala felt like Mexico and the residents looked Mexican too. Further south you go, things change, and we found Guatemalans in general to be very humble people and by far the hardest workers in Central America. If you think Colombian women are attractive, then you want to visit Guatemala. I was in awe of their natural beauty and their indigenous clothes that accentuated their small waists and petite frames. Gwyn didn't trade me in though. Phew.

Honduras and Nicaragua was home to the most warm and helpful people. Honduras has the most dangerous city in the world, which we by-passed, so I know that inside the cities it's a world away from the Honduras that we saw.

Likewise, Granada in Nicaragua is the place we got attacked by knives. Don't let this deter you though - I really liked many of the Nicaraguans we met.

Costa Rica has by far the friendliest and chattiest locals. They were immensely polite individuals and to us, they were our favourite people collectively throughout Central America. Costa Rica also has a large ex-pat community, which although may not appeal to some people, they have adapted to the way of life out here and they've undoubtedly made this country what it is today (in our opinion).

Panama like Belize has a large variety of races, religions and indigenous groups, which provides an interesting mix, but we felt we never knew the people here and couldn't generalise them at all.

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